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Basic Goat Care Items to have on hand

Basic Items to keep on hand

  1. ​​Stanchion (we have three...we put all the goats on it to include our bucks for all basic care: vaccinations, hoof trims, etc)

  2. ​good quality hoof trimmers (spend the money for GOOD ones)​

  3. hoof scraper (scrape the hoof of dirt and muck to make it easier to trim them)

  4. digital thermometer

  5. iodine (we buy it by the gallon)

  6. furazone (wonderful for cuts...even the worst kind of cuts!)

  7. DYNE (I do not use Red Cell on my goats)

  8. B-Complex (we use a b12 that we put on food but we keep injectable on hand.  We give injectable to kids when they leave)

  9. Vitamin C (1000 mg tablets that can be crushed)

  10. tattoo kit (with extra set of numbers and ROLL on tattoo ink)

  11. Gloves

  12. banding tool with bands (we do not band under 4 months old, we spray blue coat at the initial band to soothe the very dramatic buckling)

  13. Blue Kote (the spray can type) and Allu-Shield

  14. Milk of Magnesia (need for bloat/constipation)

  15. vegetable oil (in case of bloat)

  16. baking soda/Tums (in case of bloat)

    • We used to leave baking soda out free choice but we don't anymore.  Goats produce their own sodium bicarbonate but we keep it on hand for bloat and a few goat recipes call for it.  See our recipes tab  ​

  17. Redmond Goat Mineral Mix

  18. Raw Brazil nuts (we use for a weekly treat, especially for pregnant does.  its a natural source of selenium)

  19. animal crackers (less is more...don't over do it...but, these will tame the wildest goat.  And if you use essential oils for holistic health these are great for administering to the goats)

  20. dewormer (we use Molly's herbals for preventative but we keep Valbazen <we don't use on pregnant does>, Cydectin <we don't use on pregnant does>, agrimectin <safe for pregnant does>, and safeguard <safe for pregnant does> on hand)

  21. CyLence (for treating lice, can be used on kids safely)

  22. baby wipes (for them and you)

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