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Birthing Kit

Items we keep in our birthing kit include the following items.

  1. thermometer

  2. gloves

  3. molasses (for mom after kidding, we add 1/4 cup to a pitcher of warm water)

  4.  Extra large puppy pee pads (we use these in place of towels to clean off kids etc)

  5. suction bulb

  6. scale

  7. colostrum oral gel

  8. CMPK (calcium drench)

  9. small drench gun

  10. syringes of various sizes

  11. vitamin b complex oral gel

  12. iodine

  13. alcohol

  14. scissors

  15. q-tips/cotton balls/cotton pads

  16. pritchard nipples and empty plastic soda bottle 

calcium drench.jpg
drench gun.jpg
vitamin b complex oral gel.jpg
pritchard nipples.jpg
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