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We do things "allele" different around here

Our goal is to breed sound goats, both in temperament and health.  We handle our kids from the time they are born and keep a close eye out for signs of illness. We choose not to let kids leave before 3 months.  We keep the kids with their dams until 8-9 weeks then we separate them in their own stall.  This way we can insure that they are eating and drinking well.  Goats stress so easily and when they stress they can become very sick.  We attempt to make every transition as easy as possible on the kids.    
We vaccinate the kids for CDT at 4 weeks and again at 6 weeks.  We treat them monthly for coccidia up until they leave.  Upon leaving we give them b-complex (orally) and a dose of probios.  It is very normal for goats under stress to have a parasite bloom so we do our best to minimize this in our kids before they leave.  
We health test annually with UBRL and provide copies of parents health test to buyers.  We are in the process of getting all our goats tested for G6S, but all come from G6S negative parents.

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