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About Us

Greetings from Texas!  

Our little micro-farm is located in Brazoria County, just outside of Houston and not far from Galveston.  We do have full time jobs away from the farm: Scott is a retired Army Master Sergeant in the US Army and now works as a gunsmith, while Shawnee is a high school science teacher.  We raised three daughters who all live in different states.  

It was always our plan to buy property and work to become self sustaining after Scott retired from the Army.  Our initial plan was to raise alpacas...we researched for a few years before buying the property we have now and just knew that was the way to go.  But, before getting alpacas we decided to start with a few goats.  

Here we are several years later on our property, breeding and raising Mini Nubian dairy goats.  Yes, we milk our goats and use it to make cheese mostly, but we have made butter, cream, ice cream, cajeta, and on the list is soap!  

Our Mini Nubians are MDGA registered and our standard Nubians can be ADGA registered. We health test annually for CAE, CL, and JOHNES.  We are in the process of testing all our goats for G6S, even though they are normal by parentage.

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