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Greetings from Texas!  

Our little micro-farm is located in Brazoria County, just outside of Houston and not far from Galveston.  Our herd consists of Mini-Nubians, Nigerian Dwarf, Lamancha, and Nubian.  Our primary dairy goat breed is the Mini-Nubian.  We are focused on breeding sound goats that produce quality milk and that do well in the show ring.  We health test annually for CAE, CL, JOHNES, and Q-Fever.  Our herd is G6S Negative (either via testing or by parentage).  We participate in milk testing through Langston DHIA and are members of the goat club the Texas Mini Milkers.  

Our farm goal is to provide buyers with healthy and friendly animals. Let us know how we can help you become part of the ZyGoat Family! 


We are now licensed to sell raw milk  for pet consumption, if you want frozen milk for your pet please contact us.  We sell half-gallon jugs for $8 (they are frozen, for fresh you will need to schedule a pick up day/time)

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