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Milk Testing Certificate

G6S and ALPHA-s1 CASEIN Results


Goat Trails Sweet Iris Blue *2P

DOB: 03/25/2021

Generation: 6 purebred

57.73% Nubian/42.27% Nigerian

G6S: N/N



Pendulous ears

Dam: Goat Trails BH Paisley Blue *P

Sire:  Green Gables Remember the Brave *B

Iris was bought bred in 2021from Goat Trails Farm in Hutto

First Freshening: Bred to Green Gables Remember the Brave, kidded 2 doelings on 1 March 2022

Second Freshening: Bred to Marek, Kidded 2 bucklings on 12 Jan 2023

Third Freshening: Bred to Sky (Gen 4, polled, blue eyes, moonspots possible, DUE 3 April 2024, waiting on blood test confirmation)


Available in Milk $1,000
Biosecurity Panel complete
Genetic Testing
Milk Tested (star earned)
Milk Stand trained
Easy keeper (has never gotten sick)
Kids unassisted.  3rd kidding produced B/D twins
Has had twins each time.

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