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ZyGoat Farms PN Nanisca Blue

At its height in the 1840s, the West African kingdom of Dahomey boasted an army so fierce that its enemies spoke of its “prodigious bravery.” This 6,000-strong force, known as the Agojie, raided villages under cover of darkness, took captives and slashed off resisters’ heads to return to their king as trophies of war. Through these actions, the Agojie established Dahomey’s preeminence over neighboring kingdoms and became known by European visitors as “Amazons” due to their similarities to the warrior women of Greek myth.

The name Nanisca was taken from the movie The Women King.  Nanisca was the leader of the Agojie.

DOB: 01/20/2023


Generation 5

Description: red cheek, heavily moonspotted, white poll, disbudded


Dam: Whispering Willows Buttercup Blue *P

Sire: Goat Trails Prince Naveen *B

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